Mindfulness Apps Recommendations

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Stop. Breathe. Think.

Stop. Breathe. Think has been my go to mindfulness app for a coupe of years now. This app is suitable for both adults and children and some adults may even enjoy the child relaxation exercises. The app provides many free relaxation exercises and you also have the option to upgrade to the full program so lots more choice. I love the option of watching a story relaxation in this app. 

I have recommended this app to many people and have received positive feedback . Available through the Apple store  and Google Play. Click the button to go to their website. 


Calm.com is a website filled with relaxation exercises and they now have an app as well. They have narrated sleep stories, relaxation audio and guided meditations. The app has amazing reviews on the Apple store. There is a free trial usually available and then the cost is $59.99 which is filed yearly. Personally, I wish it had some free meditations but if you don't mind the cost it is a great app. 


Headspace is geared towards all ages and focuses on meditation exercises. They have short meditations, longer ones and ones good for sleep. I love how they discuss the science behind meditation because there is a lot of great research out there showing the link between meditation and improved concentration. stress reduction and a host of other mental and physical health benefits, Read about it on their site! They also are paving the way for further research into meditation. 

Headspace has a free trial but is regularly $12.99 per month. You can save more if you buy a year subscription upfront. 

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Note from Janice

This list comes from my own personal opinion and through feedback I have received from clients and others. I do not obtain any financial benefit from this list.