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Additional Information

Online therapy is available to residents of Nova Scotia. The process of an online therapy session is the same as when someone comes into the office. The only difference is that the session takes place online. 

A device with high speed internet is required for online sessions along with a microphone and video camera. 

Here is the process to book an online appointment

1/ Contact the clinic by phone or email with any questions you have about counselling. Alternatively, you may get a good idea of what the clinic can offer from reading this website. 

2/ Check your insurance coverage if you have private coverage. The clinicians at the Anxiety and Trauma Clinic of Nova Scotia are Registered Counselling Therapists-c. They are registered through the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT). Check any private insurance for their titles. If you have any concerns please contact the clinic to discuss. 

3/ Call or email the clinic to book the appointment. You may also book your appointment online at

Choose online therapy in the drop down menu when booking the appointment.

4/ Your therapist will email you a link to click at the time of the appointment. This link will log you into the therapist's online office. If technical difficulties arise the therapist will contact you by phone. 

4/ Payment can be taken by credit card or e-transfer at the time of the appointment. Your therapist will assist you in the payment process. 

If you have any further questions about online counselling please send us a message. 

Online therapy in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Online therapy in Halifax Nova Scotia.